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7 Tasty Facts about Quisp Cereal – Is it Still Available?

Is Quisp cereal still available? Although it was first introduced in 1965, Quisp cereal has had its ups and downs. Today, Quisp is primarily available online, but can still be found in some stores.

In addition to learning where you can buy it, here are seven facts about Quaker Quisp cereal.

1. Quaker Released Quisp Cereal in 1965

Way back in 1965, Quisp first hit grocery store shelves. Quaker Oats Company initially marketed Quisp alongside of Quake cereal.

While Quisp and Quake carry different names, their ingredients were exactly the same. The only difference was that Quisp was shaped like saucers and Quake was shaped like the letter Q.

2. Quisp Ingredients Include Flour, Sugar, Oil, & Salt

In addition to numerous added vitamins and minerals, the main ingredients in Quisp are:

  • Corn flour
  • Sugar
  • Oat flour
  • Brown sugar
  • Coconut oil
  • Salt

Although Quisp doesn’t explicitly contain any wheat ingredients, gluten may still exist in the cereal from other ingredients. Additionally, if the facility also produces gluten-containing products, trace amounts of gluten may be present in the cereal.

Because Quaker doesn’t market it as gluten free, those with a sensitive gluten intolerance should probably stay away from this cereal.

3. Quisp Cereal Has as Much Sugar as a Glazed Donut

One serving of Quisp has 12 grams of sugar which is just as much sugar as a glazed Dunkin’ donut.

4. Nearly 1/2 of Quisp is Pure Sugar

As you know, every single serving of Quisp cereal contains 12 grams of sugar. While one serving of Quisp is 1 cup or 27 grams, this means that nearly half of Quisp is made up of pure sugar by weight.

Quisp cereal sugar content

5. Rocky and Bullwinkle Cartoonist Created Quisp Mascot

Quisp, the cartoon mascot of the breakfast cereal, was an alien who was the prince of imaginary Planet Q. Quisp would frequently compete against the Quake cereal mascot in TV commercials like the one below.

YouTube video

Jay Ward, the cartoonist for Rocky and Bullwinkle, created the Quisp and Quake mascots. In addition, Daws Butler, the voice actor for Rocky and Bullwinkle, was also the voice of Quisp.

6. Quisp Had Multiple Periods of Discontinuation

After initially being discontinued in the 1970s, allegedly due to low sales, Quisp was unsuccessfully brought back the the market in the 1980s and again in the 1990s.

7. Quisp Is the First Internet Cereal

Finally in 2001, Quisp returned, but this time, primarily online. This earned Quisp the nickname of the “First Internet Cereal”.

To this date, you can find Quisp in select grocery stores. You can either buy online, or use Quaker’s product locater to find out if Quisp is sold in a store near you. In fact, just the other day I spotted Quisp at the ShopRite in Hoboken, NJ selling for $4.99/box.

Quisp Cereal for sale at ShopRite in New JerseyPin

In addition, you can order Quisp Cereal on Amazon and have it delivered to your home in two days, but it will cost you. Current prices for Quisp on Amazon are just over $8 per box when you buy a three pack. And these aren’t big boxes either—just 8.5 oz. It looks like Walmart has a much better deal with 12 boxes of Quisp for around $45 which is under $4 per box.

I personally have never tried a bowl of Quisp. Have you? Let me know in the comments below.

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15 thoughts on “7 Tasty Facts about Quisp Cereal – Is it Still Available?”

  1. Hello! I was trying to research where I could buy Quisp Cereal.. My all time fav since I was a kid from the 60s ,when I ran into your site!
    Quisp is the Best! I am craving it and am desperate to find it. ( No, Im not pregnant????????) Im commenting because I love your Guruness!! Thank you for loving Cereal! Hope you can find and try it sometime! Best Regards and Bowls!! Sincerely, TracyK

  2. I grew up on Quisp… while Wikipedia cites that Quisp not only shares ingredient structure with Quake, but Cap’n Crunch. While my memory will concur a similarity – so if you truly still have never had Quisp, you’ll get a general idea of taste – though my phantom memories tell me that Quisp is slightly ‘lighter’ in taste, and due to the difference in shape, Cap’n Crunch stays crunchier in milk longer – but I do prefer the consistency and mouth feel of Quisp. My frugality fights with temptation… I want to get a case, knowing they are cheapest… but do I want 12 boxes? If I gotta case, I’d send you a box so you could taste it!

    • Hi Hank! I should update this post… I’ve seen single boxes of Quisp at Walmart. They’re also available online as a single box (when they’re in stock) and as a pack of 4.

  3. I agree on the taste. Very similar taste to Cap’n Crunch. I always thought the cereal was shaped like small flying saucers. There is the dome on top and then the bottom cavity. I always thought they produced it this way so the milk would stay in the cavity for each and every bite.

  4. Quisp was/is a great cereal, but now that I am older, it is a little too sweet for me…the same goes for my all-time favorite, Cap’n Crunch.

    Quake was discontinued but reintroduced as King Vitamin.

  5. I ate it in the 60’s as a kid, my fav and I tried it again in the 90’s and in 2000 whenever, I was excited to see it back, then it was gone again, I don’t like buying food online, you can’t see the box or expire date. I can still taste it, wish I could find it.

  6. Did a search on WALMART.COM and ALL of the Quisp cereal listings showed OUT OF STOCK. So why did you post Walmart as having the cereal available for purchase/delivery, when the cereal has been out of stock for over 5 months already ???????????????????????

  7. Sadly, Quaker quietly discontinued production of Quisp at the end of 2023. It’s unknown if it will ever be brought back again.


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