9 Interesting Facts About Oh’s Cereal

While Oh’s Cereal has been around since the 1980s, it has seen many changes over the years. Learn about these changes and more as we get nostalgic and revisit the history of Oh’s.

1. Oh’s Cereal Came Out in the 80s

Initially manufactured by Quaker, Oh’s hit grocery store shelves in the mid-1980s.

Oh’s originally came in two varieties — Crunchy Graham and Honey Nut.

2. Quaker Renamed Oh’s in 1988

Supposedly, Quaker confusingly renamed the two varieties of Oh’s Cereal by swapping graham with nut in 1988.

  • Honey Nut because Honey Graham
  • Crunchy Graham became Crunchy Nut

3. In 1989, New Flavors of Oh’s Were Released

Apple Cinnamon Oh's, Fruitangy Oh's, and Apple Oh's cereal varietiesPin

Quaker released new flavors of Oh’s in 1989. In addition to Honey Graham and Crunchy Nut, Quaker’s new Oh’s varieties were:

  • Apple Cinnamon Oh’s
  • Apple Oh’s
  • Fruitangy Oh’s

While none of these varieties would last, we can only reminisce and remember them today.

4. It Don’t Taste the Same with Nothing in the Middle

A television commercial in the late 1980s featured a catchy singalong song that convinced listeners to eat Oh’s Cereal because the oh’s were filled and other cereals were not.

It don’t taste the same with nothing in the middle
Nothing in the middle
Nothing in the middle
So why eat a cereal with nothing in the middle
When there’s oh oh oh so much in the middle of Oh’s

You can watch the Oh’s TV commercial here.

YouTube video

5. Quaker Sold Oh’s Cereal to Post in 2004

In 2004, Quaker sold the Oh’s recipe and brand to Post. Since then Post has been manufacturing Oh’s.

6. Good Things In The Middle

Ever since the 80s, the Oh’s cereal slogan was “Good Things in the Middle”. This slogan, of course, refers to the cereal rings filled with graham cracker bits, crispy rice, and honey.

7. There’s Something in the Middle of Oh’s Cereal That Makes People Say Oh!

Another television commercial for Oh’s featured a catchy slogan that went like this.

There’s something in the middle of Oh’s Cereal that makes people say oh!

Watch the full Oh’s TV commercial below.

YouTube video

8. Honey Graham Oh’s Are Now Honey Oh’s

In addition to changing the design of the cereal box, Post has apparently changed the recipe of Oh’s in 2018. Post seems to no longer make Honey Graham Oh’s, but rather just Honey Oh’s.

According to Dan G of cerealously.net, the new Honey Oh’s recipe no longer includes graham flour; however, the cereal does contain honey, sugar, and corn syrup… a total of 18 grams of sugar per 1 cup serving. That’s almost half sugar by weight considering a one cup serving is 40 grams!

Honey Graham Ohs cereal vs Honey Oh's cereal Pin

9. Today, Only Honey Oh’s Are Available

All varieties of Oh’s cereal were discontinued except Honey. Today, the only flavor of Oh’s available is Honey Oh’s.

Furthermore, visit Post’s website for the latest information on Oh’s including nutrition facts and where to buy.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of Oh’s. Love them? Hate them? Miss them?

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24 thoughts on “9 Interesting Facts About Oh’s Cereal”

  1. I have loved Ohs since they first hit grocery store shelves back in the ’80s, when my children were very young. We received WIC benefits and Ohs were definitely NOT an allowed cereal. They were a small splurge which I allowed myself. It may sound terrible to some folks but, I kept them hidden and would sneak a bowl late at night after the children & my husband were asleep.
    Unfortunately they’ve been changed. That “something in the middle” that was ‘Oh’ so important is now missing. Not entirely absent but without a doubt seriously diminished. It used to be that there was NEVER a ring without filling. Now, there are ALWAYS more rings without any filling at all. The lack of filling isn’t the only issue. The filling that is present doesn’t have the same formulation and appearance as it had before nor is the amount the same for the rings that do have filling. The filling falls out of the rings too which makes the entire experience different when there are a lot of tiny little round puffs floating in the bowl.
    The flavor is definitely different. The complexity seems to be missing. Sweet they are but, they seem bland. I taste the difference with each bite. I haven’t bought more than 4 or 5 boxes in the last couple of years.

    • It’s unfortunate that the quality of this product has diminished over the years, but either way thank you for sharing your story!

      • So sad to see how so many people dislike the cereal now. I didn’t try it until about 3 months ago and it has become my absolute favorite cereal in the world. I literally eat it several times a day (I just finished a bowl two minutes ago haha) but it’s just addictively delicious. But I may be biased because I don’t recall ever having the old recipe. Was it really that much better? They’re amazing in my opinion!

        • Like Brandi, I am recently trying for the first time, so not familiar with the original recipe, but these Honey Ohs are delicious! My husband bought because on sale and I was like umm why…but then when I tried them, I was blown away! Got box 2 days ago and finishing last bowl as I type this comment. They are so good, I ran to the internet to see if others found these things scrumptious. I don’t know the original recipe but I understand some comments because I hate the new Golden Graham and Doritos….retro taste are nostalgic. Anyway, Honey Ohs are grrrrreat….oops wrong cereal but you get it😂

  2. My hamster loved Oh’s. I’d always keep the empty box when I was done and put it in his cage and he’d just sit in it and zone out, no bedding or anything. He loved the smell.

    • Bruh, you’re just remembering the “Oh, Henry!” candy bar. Similar color scheme, plus 30 years of fuzzy memories will do that to you every time

  3. During this pandemic I reach for my mouth destroying, never soggy, beloved ohs. Sure enough I take a bit and boom, pure heartache. Give me covid, life’s over

  4. I couldn’t agree more with mnelson. They are so much different now. Even if you look at picture on the internet you can tell which one taste better there are the old dark one all filled and then there is the new box that shows really light oh’s. They used to be more crunchy as well and not get so soggy so quick and that was my personal favorite thing about the old oh’s. The new oh’s are not that good anymore and I don’t see them going back to the original recipe and it makes me sad.

  5. I’m wondering how this will effect my diabetic mom sprinkled into her plain cheerios with almond milk. If anyone has tried, plmk!

  6. This is kind of off topic but. It is sad general mills takes complete credit of how they, there scientist come up with that idea . When I proposed to them the idea via. Letter in 1985 with specific drawings and a written explanation of how this would be a cool idea if they could do that. Also they could call it tunnels or o’s. Got messaged back saying thank you for your interest in our cereals and that they have there own scientist who create there cereals and they sent me a few coupons. Then there it was at the store…. I was a kid with lots of ideas and not the resources to pursue the matter.

  7. I recognize the difference in new versus old, but I still love them. They (and Golden Grahams) are always my airplane snack when I have to take a flight somewhere. Of course, I eat them dry so maybe the milk makes all the difference.

  8. Maybe I don’t fully remember the taste of the original Ohs enough to find the current version disappointing.

    I do notice that the amount of cereal pieces that are filled are much less than the original recipe where every Oh was packed with graham goodness. But, the flavor seems to trigger the nostalgia of the Ohlden days.

    Malt O Meal makes a version called “Golden Honey O’s”, and though the unnecessary apostrophe irritates the hell out of me, they seem to taste more like the original recipe and there may be more filled pieces than in a box of Ohs!

    So there’s that option as well.

  9. Hello there, You have done an excellent job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends. I am confident they’ll be benefited from this website.

  10. The apple cinnamon Ohs were the best cereal I had ever eaten. Full of flavor! Yes, they came out in the late 80s, and poof! They disappeared.

    The other food that was incredible was the Town House Cheddar Jr’s. crackers. Much better than any other cheese cracker.

  11. The cereal seems to be smaller to me. That’s what made me Google. This is literally a new thing because I bought a box about a month ago and the Os seemed much larger. Am I crazy???


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