Meet The Cereal Guru

Hi there! My name is Tony Florida, also known as The Cereal Guru.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been eating breakfast cereal. Like clockwork, I woke up every morning and the first thing I did was sit down at the kitchen table for a bowl (or two) of cereal.

Not only that, but cereal was my go-to snack. Whether it was after school or after an evening jog, you could probably find me enjoying a bowl of cereal.

I didn’t have just one, but many favorite brands of cereal. Frosted Flakes, Reese’s Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Golden Grahams—I could go on and on.

A day without a bowl of cereal was a rarity for me.

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🍭 Sugary Cereal Spoiled It

Then in late 2016, I watched this Netflix documentary about how most people eat too much sugar. The punchline of the documentary was that high sugar intakes is correlated to a bunch of modern day diseases.

This documentary had a huge impact on what types of food I choose to eat. As a result, I am now a nutrition label reader. I try to avoid any foods with too much sugar. And cereal…well, it has a lot of sugar.

So my cereal consumption has been drastically reduced.

📝 Breakfast Cereal Blog

So now that I don’t eat much cereal anymore, why would I blog about it? Well because I still love it of course!

The idea of a bowl of cereal with cold milk is such a happy thought for me.

Not only that, but I enjoy learning about the history of cereals. Seeing how cereals have change over time—from the mascots to the recipes, and slogans to TV commercials—is quite fascinating.

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In addition, now that I am a nutrition label reader, you can trust me to be the first one to tell you if a cereal is “healthy” or not. I’ll give you a hint, just because the box says that it’s made with whole grain doesn’t make it healthy.

🥣 The Cereal Guru

Based solely on my personal love of cereal and craving for knowledge about this topic, I am the official Cereal Guru.

All you need is a bowl, spoon, milk, and your favorite box of cereal. Sit back and I hope you enjoy.

Tony Florida, The Cereal Guru